Day 4 – Finally settled in…up and running!

Today was quite a relief. Having been the lucky guy with the lost bag (of everything), my first two days in Greece were quite overwhelming.  Wasn’t too ecstatic about the way things were going.  After our first group dinner (and a few shots of water after), my bag miraculously showed up at the Hotel Parthenon, and things were looking up. Way up.

After getting into Aegina, we all pretty much spent last night getting mildly acclimated to the area around our apartments and the Drury Center, and preparing for our first day of class of the trip; couldn’t ignore Blackboard any longer!

We started the day with a short class period, and then viewed a traditional religious ceremony at the waterfront. Following that, Brad,  Kristi, and I decided to go for a run on our lunch break, for both health and exploration of the island…and whoaaa, was it worth it.  We came across some really amazing views from cliffs above the ocean, and found access to some concrete decks at the water level.



The run left us all with an awesome feeling after finally settling into a pace here and having an idea of what to expect for the rest of the trip.  It was a great combination of stress-relieving exercise and curiosity-induced exploration, all leading to some jaw-dropping views. Not to mention, plenty of excitement for the places we’ve yet to find!




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