Day 5 – Service Project Start

Today has been a rewarding day both mentally and physically. After waking up early for a group breakfast with the usual free offerings from a local Aegina cafe (restaurants in Greece almost always provide free dessert or other food), we went on a 30 minute walk to work with a local community service organization. This organization, Aegina Ethelontis, features an awesome group of volunteers who serve the Aegina community by taking in and distributing food and clothing to those in need. They also participate and coordinate local events to benefit the community and draw them closer together while working for the common good. We will continue assisting Aegina Ethelontis by further developing their social networking existence and capabilities which will help gain increased participation from the community.


We found a second or two to goof around and check out the amazing scenery as well.

20140107_102059 IMG_2123 IMG_2115 IMG_2112image DSC00166Photo Jan 07, 5 12 01 PM


Today has been an awesome experience and another great day working with and learning from some great people.



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