Day 6- Sunny and 60

Finally a day we can fully enjoy the perks of not being in Springfield. Woke up to a beautiful sunny day and a temperature almost unheard of in January. That’s when you know your day is going to be great. Then you remember that this is actually a study abroad so of course we have to have some class. That’s right everyone we actually do have class at 9 am sharp everyday (but when in Greece do as the Grecian do, so 9:10 seems to be a more appropriate). Class today was filled with class discussion as well as some group discussion on “the age of responsibility”. 20140105_173846_resized 20140106_163408_resized After class we had a little break for grocery shopping (we decided to cook a group meal), eating, and for a few there was time for a little nap or a WiFi fix (we are modern citizens therefore we have minor WiFi withdrawals). After we were all refreshed we met up for a nice trip to the ancient Aegina ruins. Also it was a perfect time for some photo ops!!!


Facebook-20140108-091106 Facebook-20140108-091401 Facebook-20140108-090827 ???????????????????????

One adventure down… on to the next! We ventured to one of the local lighthouses (a nice walk for some and a great run for others) for more pictures and for some a big check for their bucket list. Most all of the boys decided it was the best day for a dive into the Aegean Sea. For the rest of us, well we decided we would much rather be photographers than jump into freezing water. Facebook-20140108-091306 Facebook-20140108-091249 IMG_4750

This day could not have been any better. We ended it with an ocean-view sunset and some teamwork in the kitchen. We made a delicious Greek cuisine courtesy of Dr. Sronce and Dr. Waters. The rest of us should probably sign up for Iron Chef: Bread Slicing. Our feast was beyond filling. It consisted of four different types of breads, pita bread, tysiki, apple slices, fresh cheese, Greek salad, baked chicken, and more desserts than we could imagine.

Photo Jan 08, 6 59 43 PM Photo Jan 08, 6 59 23 PM Photo Jan 08, 6 59 15 PM 20140108_184113_resized DSC00222

Today was a success.



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