Day 7 – Cats, Cats, Cats

Walk around the Island of Aegina for a day, and it is impossible to not notice the large number of stray cats wandering the streets. Our friend Eleni even shared that they sell calendars with pictures of the cats of Aegina Island! Some of the cats we encountered were very approachable and others were a bit more skittish. 

This little guy was a tad on the timid side!

We’ve also noticed that some of the islanders even leave food out for the stray cats to feast on!

Besides the cats, though, we did see other things today! We took a bus ride up a mountain and visited the Sanctuary of Aphaia. Like many other things in Greece, it was beautiful.  We learned that the temple was used for worship as far back as 1300 BC. 

After our class and sightseeing was completed for the day, a few us decided to try out one of the frozen yogurt places on the island!  We enjoyed our delicous fro-yo as we watched yet another beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow, we will be helping the Aegina volunteers with their community garden and meeting a woman who makes olive oil soap, and the weather forecast for tomorrow looks good! It should be another great day here on Aegina Island!



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