We started from the bottom, now we’re here! (Selfie Sunday!)

I feel like I am writing this rather early in the day. It is only 6pm right now; however, I feel like we have done so much just this morning already. This morning started off, of course, with my Special K Berries. Then everyone was off to the Drury Center where we packed and lathered up the good ole sunscreen. I realize why Greek people have such nice tans and we Americans just seem to burn. Anyways, we took a taxi about 5 miles to Mt. Oros. This is the highest point on the entire island with an elevation of 25,000 feet… Or just 2000 feet. Guess everyone back home will never know the truth.

The climb started at a slower pace because no one really seemed to know where the trail we needed was at. After about 20 min of searching, trying to get cell phone signal, and Will making the “Hills Have Eyes” references, we finally found the path we needed.  After only everyone slipping a mere 3 or 4 times, we took that trail all the way to the top where there was a church. My only concern was for the people that had to carry the materials up Mt. Oros in order to make the 500AD church that sits on the very top.

The view from the top was astounding. You literally could see for miles. Athens was in the far distance but mainly we could finally see the entire island, and be able to finally put together a sense of how the island was laid out. We managed to take a ton of pictures, Brad did multiple idiotic things, and no one was hurt in the process.

Now the climb down was a bit of a different story.  We decided to take a different trail and lets just say it was a bit rougher. Much more difficult terrain, the rocks on that side of the mountain were much more wet with dew, and lots and lots of spikey bushes that my legs do not thank me for now. We even heard a fun fact from Will Turner as we were near the bottom of the mountain. I will just leave it at this, all eagles are Amerian eagles once they get a taste of freedom! Ask your traveler about that story when they get home. Its one that none of us will forget! However, we did make it down and no one was seriously injured.

All of the guys then proceeded to have the taxis take us straight to lunch because of course we were hungry. We made it to this amazing seafront restaurant, and engorged in every type of meat that Greece had to offer. Then I am not sure what everyone else did, but I rushed back to make sure I got my afternoon nap in before it was too late. Three hours later, I am now here writing this blog post and waiting for the amazing dinner that Dr. Sronce and Dr. Waters are currently making us.

Hope that all of you guys are enjoying the quiet time that you have without us college kids at home because we will be home in 5 days. Enjoy it while it lasts.  However, know that we are all having a blast 9,500 miles away, and no one has killed a fellow classmate…. Yet! Now enjoy some beautiful selfies of fellow Greek travelers for selfie Sunday!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

ImageThanks for reading,

Connor O’Mealy


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