The Day Before The Day That We Left Aegina


Today we got to present our Facebook project to the Aegina Volunteers, here you see us trying to pay attention as they talk and putting on an entirely acceptable expressions of interest.Image

As you can see Phil was extremely tired from this ordeal and encompassed the whole and entire of his face in a jacket.


Here you see, we have all gone out to eat at this absolutely fabulous restaurant.  Due to my abominable photography skills Phil and Jessica were cut out of the photo.  I was fine with Jessica being cut out, her not so much.


In order to satisfy Jessica I took this follow up picture.  She was less than satisfied by it, but I  was okay with that as well.311

As everyone received their food all pretense of civility and human kindess washed away down their esophagus.  The only ones deigning to pose were those forced to as curiously sat next to me.313

With the food consumed and the instinct of civilization returning to them they realized what inconsiderate monsters they had once been.  Ashamed, despairing, self loathing they turned away from the camera.  Again only those forced to pose were those able to.



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