Goodbye Aegina, Hello Athens

This morning we departed from Aegina. The 10 days that we spent on the island was more than amazing. From our social media project, swimming in the Mediterranean, visiting the Archeology site and the Sanctuary of Aphaia, planting a garden, bike riding, hiking up Mount Oros , and spending nights at the International House, it is safe to say that the Drury students left our mark in Aegina. We were all fortunate to have been graced with the presence of Eleni and Aliki, who helped us make the most out of our trip, the women of the fascinating Aegina Ethelontis organization who have inspired us all, and last but not least, Vacili, the owner of the International House who provided us all with laughs. Goodbyes are never easy, but we will always remember these great friends who have truly made our time in Aegina special.





We took a ferry back to Athens, where we will spend our last few days in Greece before our departure home. We were greeted by “Momma” Fae and our driver Dimitri, who took us to the biggest lunch I have ever eaten. We sampled many different foods for about an hour straight, only to somehow make room for some Greek dessert. We have been to a variety of restaurants in Greece, but none of them compare to the one we went to today. Next, we took a scenic route to the Temple of Poseidon, which was beautiful in itself, not to mention the wonderful overlooking view from the top of Temple where we watched the sunset. The bus ride back to our hotel was much quieter this time around, as our big lunch and long trip started to settle in forcing some of us to fall asleep for a portion of the ride. It is an exciting change to be back in Athens, and I am looking forward to making a few more last memories in Greece with an amazing group of people that I am lucky to be with.  





– Mike Yuede


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