Homeward Bound

We are spending our last day in Greece with a trip to Delphi. I’m writing this post on our bus ride. The students probably have a better plan, all our sleeping as we make the 3 hr ride to the mountains.

The last day of the trip is always difficult as we try and enjoy what is before us without worrying about all the things ahead. Particularly as a professor with classes starting on Tuesday, the future seems to loom.

It is also a great time to reflect about what we accomplished on this trip. As several of the blog posts noted we saw amazing sites, ate more than our share of good food, and made lasting friendships. The work of the class was not neglected and I think our goal of understanding more about the responsibility these students will face as business professionals combined well with the lessons about leadership and taking action. The community was our class room and though the students referenced and the book we read acknowledged in this quote “One can not be responsive to the world without being occasionally deeply saddened.” Eric Fromm. We saw many things we can not hope to cure by ourselves. Hopefully knowing that for the 110 families served by the Aegina Volunteers we helped them make a difference. Is it enough? Hardly! Is it a start certainly! Do I hope this continues? Yes. I’ve already begun thinking how connections with this group might be something The students at Drury can continue. Stay tuned.


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