Greece Adventures Day 3

Our trip in Greece today was full of culture, excitement, and activities.  The day consisted of a morning run to the top of Athens, eating REAL Greek yogurt, a trip to the Olympic Stadium as well as the National Archeological Museum, beautiful buildings, and a sunset ferry ride to the Greek island of Aegina.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but honestly I don’t think that’s enough to describe any picture here in Greece, so take your time and here are some to enjoy!



After our morning activities we were so excited that we passed……..


It was an awesome day with old friends and new friends. Now that we have made it to the island of Aegina, we are excited to continue the adventures that await us during our time here in Greece!

Brad Hollenbeck


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We made it!

We just received good news, our one wayward suitcase made it to the hotel….with that our arrival in Athens is complete.

Our travel to Greece was a little bumpier than expected with changed flights and long layovers and a late night arrival in Athens.  However, along the way we met some helpful people that made things work out…our British Airways agent who worked through our ticket woes and our bus driver Dimitrios who picked us up at the airport at 1:45AM and the Hotel Parthenon staff that got us quickly settled in our rooms.

The long travel did not slow us down and today we started off with a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  It was a beautiful day…blue skies and 60 degrees. Just what we needed to renew us. (Nothing like walking 7.5 miles to get the travel dust off!)

Listening to Faye
Listening to Faye

We ended the evening with dinner at God’s Restaurant.

First Greek meal - Tatzki, Greek salad and lots of bread!
First Greek meal – Tzatzki, Greek salad and lots of bread!


Now for a good night’s sleep!

Patience and Flexibility

We were all excited.  We were all packed.  We were all ready for our grand adventure. But…. the weather did not cooperate.

The plan was on New Year’s Day we would be headed to Greece.  That didn’t happen and we learned our first lesson of international travel – patience and flexibility.  So while we did not leave Springfield yesterday, we are now on our way.

With help from the airline, the hotel, and our friends in Athens our trip was adjusted and things will turn out just fine.  We left the cold and snow of Springfield behind and soon we will be standing on the Acropolis…the Parthenon will be waiting for us.

Down time in Dallas


Aegina, here we come!

I am so excited to return to Greece in just a few short days. Isn’t it amazing that we’re going to start the year on a beautiful Greek island? This is one of my favorite photos from my May 2013 visit to the island.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’re on Twitter, let’s share our adventures using #DUGreece. My Twitter handle is @H20s and Dr. Sronce is @sroncer.

See you on Wednesday! Dr. Waters

Countdown to our Greek adventure!

Can it only be 16 days until we start 2014 by  flying off to Greece?  I know the students are getting excited and homework has already started!

This will be my third trip to Greece.  I was so moved by my first trip to Greece last winter that even tired and bruised (a story for another time) I immediately started planning the next trip.  So, now Dr. Waters and I head off again with a new group of students for another Greek adventure.

We’ll talk to old friends – Eleni, Faye, and Father Constantine, are some of my favorites – and we’ll meet new ones.  We’ll visit ancient places and learn about new businesses.  On this trip we will have a special opportunity to work on projects with community leaders in Aegina and learn more about how they work together.

Exciting times….we hope you will follow along.


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