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Philia (Greek for Brotherly Love)


This blog post is going to be split up a little bit between today’s events and what this trip has taught me.

I was not happy to wake up at 8 am this morning. We had a two hour bus ride in front of us that did very little to improve my mood. Good thing I have an innate ability to hide my feelings;  I am usually one of the easiest people to read. We stopped at the Corinthian Canal, Agamemnon’s (supposed) Tomb, and the Acropolis of Mycenae. Each were interesting and had unique features, but it wasn’t until the ride back to Athens that my mood turned around. Listening to music (My Epic, Gungor, and some Propaganda) and looking at the characteristics of the Greek landscape was amazing to witness. On the one side mountains that were covered with vegetation and buildings that also intertwined with the seas that surround the country. Then to look at the other side of the road to see islands engulfed in a fog. It causes one to be in awe of it all. How small am I? Comparing myself to one of the small mountain of the countryside, I felt pretty small. Then thinking about the ancient civilizations of Greece, I can’t compare to their history and stories.


Two things that I’ve learned from Greece so far is: I might be small in comparison to certain things but I am not alone and there’s a legacy for me to leave which might rival that of Greece itself. Whatever my legacy will be, I pray that I intentionally and meticulously focus on how the small things fit in with the “big” picture. I’m close to 6,000 miles away from home but I don’t feel alone. The psuedo-friendships and acquaintances I had are now close relationships, but I have realized that I am still different than most of the people here. I am grateful and excited I’ve been able to spend time with each of them. It’s funny how open people will get to each other after 15 days.


In case anyone didn’t know,I’m kind of a sentimentalist. So here’s are some quick notes about each person and hopefully it is encouraging for you and your family/friends: Basically treat this like a yearbook with all of the signatures in it.

Dr, Sronce & Dr. Waters – Thank you for worrying about our safety. I’m not sure that we really know how much both of you put into all of this. Thank you for taking us out to dinner and cooking for us in Aegina.

Brad – You might be the most personable individual I have ever met. I know I don’t have to encourage you to do this but keep making friends. Thanks for checking on me during the hike up Mt. Oros (sorry Kristi). Also don’t forget to pursue your Crest Toothpaste career.

Chris – I know the beginning was rough for you, but you’ve taken it like a champ. You are a driven individual, keep pushing on. I can’t even image what you’ve been apart of but here’s a quick thank you for serving us.

Connor – We Conquered the Dreaded Tax-Monster! Man, who would have thought we would have great conversations while working on homework for tax. I’m excited to see what life has in-store for you.Thank you for continuing to be supportive throughout our trip.

Jessica – For being an “independent” woman you still let some of us help you out. I’m sorry that your trip started off badly, but you’ve been a trooper. Well Princess, we’re almost home.

“Worth, value, and beauty is not determined by some innate quality But by the length for which the owner would go to possess them”

Kristi – You have an amazing and cheerful personality. You are a very thoughtful young lady! Thanks for being a sweetheart (sorry I forgot to type this part)

Matt – I had no clue what I was getting with you, but you have pleasantly surprised me. Thank you very for being open for anything. It has been great to get to know you during this.

Mike – Hopefully you were able to watch some futbol while we were on Aegina. Thank you for being a thoughtful individual. This trip would not have been the same without you.

Nick – Nature Nick, thanks for getting us out of some sticky situations on the mountain. Congrats on graduating (dependent on this course).

Olivia – Thank you for being a second mom to us. You have amazing wisdom and insight. Also you are one of the sweetest young women I have ever met! We are going to be the greatest Intern Team ever!

PS I am so sorry that I have not finished your blog post yet. From what I’ve read it has been great!

Will – You have grown is so many ways. I’m glad you’ve been able to open up to everyone. I hope you take away important aspects from this trip. Thanks for being my roommate and putting up with me in Aegina.

If any of you need anything, let me know. Thanks for sharing these memories with me. Also I apologize if this blog is horrible, I’m finishing it up at 3 am while my roommates are sleeping and I have never been known as a poet.

– Phil

Night All!

1 Corinthians 13:11-13

Philippians 3:8